You CAN Stop Biting Your Nails, Here’s How

Nails.jpgIN YOUR DAILY DOSE today you’ll discover some tips that work to help you stop biting your nails. Although this habit isn’t particularly pleasant to watch, there are also health hazards for people who practice the habit. And it is just that – a habit which is not necessary and can be broken.


IN MAKING CHANGES are for techniques you can start using today to stop biting your nails or help someone who does.


IN FACT OR FICTION today you’ll meet a woman who grew one of these over 16 pounds. She lives in Australia but doesn’t have a way of reproducing another one. Find out what it is and why.

In The News

Chronic nail biting can cause some serious medical and health issues. It’s a habit that often starts in childhood and sometimes isn’t ever broken. Chronic biting can irritate the skin around the nail, damage the tissue that makes the nail grow, increase your risk of warts and leave you vulnerable to infections in your hands from bacteria that lives in your mouth.

Unfortunately, nail biting can be a sign of more serious psychological or emotional problems. So, if you’ve been trying to quit for sometime and the problem continues to persist then it’s probably time to consult with a physician or counselor.



Daily Health Tip

Stopping any habit can be a challenge. One of the best ways to do it is to replace one habit with another one. People who want to quit smoking often use gum to help replace their oral fixation, chewing gum for hours to help kick the habit.

But, no matter how difficult, it is important that you do try to stop biting your nails. Other people find unsightly and your hands and nails are being damaged over time.


Making Changes

Here are some suggestions from Dr. Parsons to help you kick this habit:

1. Keep your nails trimmed as short as possible. If you have less nail to bite, it’s less tempting.

2. Use bitter-tasting nail polish. These are available over the counter and are bad tasting. They will discourage you from biting your nails and remind you that you are doing it when you are subconsciously biting.

3. Replace this habit with another one. When you feel like biting, pick up a stress ball, play around with a pen, play with a yoyo or snap a rubber band against your wrist. Keep your hands busy and away from your mouth.

4. Identify the things that trigger your nail biting. This might be the presence of a hangnail, boredom, stress, anxiety or other triggers. When you know what causes you to do it, you can figure out how to avoid the situations.


My Daily Affirmation

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Even strangers get the benefit of my appreciation. I thank the clerk that helps me at the store and over-tip at restaurants. I open doors for members of the military and thank them for their service.


Fact Or Fiction?

How large can it grow? In Australia there was one which grew to be over 16 pounds, dwarfing all others of it’s kind. Do you know what it is?  Click here to find out!


Have a wonderful day!

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