You May be Able to Reduce Your Risk for Eight Different Cancers

WednesdayOct12.jpgIN YOUR DAILY DOSE:This week, researchers disclosed another eight different cancers that are associated with being overweight.

MAKING CHANGES: Weight loss is a challenge that you may have faced over the years. Although difficult there are 7 different simple changes you can make that will help you along the way.

FACT OR FICTION: What do you know about Agatha Christie?

In The News

In research from Washington University School of Medicine, scientists published another eight reasons why trying to maintain a healthy weight may help to reduce your risk of cancer.

This international team of researchers named stomach cancer, liver cancer, gallbladder cancer, pancreatic cancer, ovarian cancer, meningioma, thyroid cancer and a form of blood cancer as the cancers that are increased in number in individuals who are overweight or obese.

The researchers noted several reasons why being overweight or obese can increase your cancer risk. Overproduction of estrogen, testosterone and insulin will promote inflammation, all of which drives the growth of cancer cells.



Daily Health Tip

Attaining or maintaining a normal weight is important to reduce your cancer risk, reduce your risk of immune mediated diseases, cardiovascular disease and metabolic syndrome.


Making Changes

Making changes to your daily routine and nutritional intake is important but oftentimes difficult. Here are 7 simple changes that may help you get started.

1. Use a tracking program, like (free) to track the food you eat and the number of carbohydrates, proteins, fats, fiber and sugar.

2. Try to keep the number of grams of carbohydrates under 100 grams per day.

3. Drink enough water so your urine is light straw colored. Drinking keeps you full and hydrated.

4. Sleep 8 hours each night. The more tired you are, the more you’ll eat during the day.

5. Experiment with intermittent fasting. You can read more about that at

6. Stop drinking your calories - reduce or eliminate alcohol, and eliminate all sodas.

7. Eat less processed foods and more whole, real foods.


Daily Affirmation

At work, professional respect helps me decide how to break unpopular news. I take the time to develop mutual respect with my team. That strategy pays off whenever I am required to relay disappointing information.
I realize that helping others find a solution to the challenging news is effective. Before announcing the news, I identify the silver lining to share at the same time.

Fact or Fiction?

Do you love mysteries? Then you’ve probably heard about Agatha Christie, the grand dame of mystery novels. Her characters included Hercule Poirot, the famous Belgian detective, and Miss Marple, an engaging elderly woman from a small town.  Murder on the Orient Express was just one of her books that has made it to the big screen. According to the Guinness Book of World Records, Agatha Christie’s popularity is only overshadowed by the Bible, and one of her books has been running as a play in London since October 1952 - The Mousetrap.


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