You May Want to Have This in Mind When Dealing With Depression

TuesOct23CI.jpgIN YOUR DAILY DOSE: today is new research that something you may learn and practice at home could be as effective as cognitive behavioral therapy.

MAKING CHANGES: Using this practice affords you benefits, even if you don’t think you need it.

FACT OR FICTION: Do you want to spice up your workout routine? You might not have to look any further than your boyfriend, girlfriend or spouse!


In The News

In a wide range of psychiatric disorders - including depression, anxiety and stress-related disorders - researchers found practicing mindfulness was as effective as cognitive behavior therapy (CBT).

Millions of people suffer from those three psychiatric conditions each year, costing millions in medication and therapy. CBT is one of those types of therapy that helps the individual to change their behavior as it relates to a trigger.

For instance, if depression is triggered from life circumstances, CBT helps the person to perceive their circumstances differently, in order to trigger action that ultimately changes the circumstances.

Each life event is seen through your personal eyes that are clouded by your life experiences. What one person may perceive as an adventure - another would see as a disaster. By changing your perspective you may change symptoms and enable greater action that changes the situation.

Mindfulness has the same effectiveness as CBT in treating these disorders, and can be learned at home and practiced at home.


Daily Health Tip

Mindfulness therapy offers positive effects to not only those who have symptoms, but also those who don’t. In fact, it can also be used to improve your overall mental and emotional health, helping you to make strong decisions and take the right actions.

Making Changes

Mindfulness therapy and meditation may be learned at home or with a therapist trained in the process. While you may be able to develop strong meditation techniques at home, most people benefit from working for a short time with a meditation therapist who can train you in the technique and help you evaluate the strategies you use.


Daily Affirmation

I am ready to move to a new home and start a new life. I focus on the positive aspects of the move and feel peace and joy about my upcoming adventure.
I know I can remain calm before, during, and after the move.

Fact or Fiction?

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Have a wonderful day!

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