You’ve Been Fed the Wrong Information

Sept22Butter.jpgIN YOUR DAILY DOSE: today is only one in a long line of research demonstrating the benefits you may experience from eating high quality butter.

MAKING CHANGES: It might be challenging to switch the way you think, but you’ll soon find you’re more satisfied with your food and even lose weight.

FACT OR FICTION: Your skin is not impermeable and has specific characteristics you might both interesting and helpful as you develop strong health habits.


In The News

A new epidemiological study from Tufts University has confirmed what other studies have been finding since the 1950s. Unfortunately, these early studies didn’t receive media attention once the American Medical Association began supporting the results of the Seven Countries Study released in the early 1950s.

Today researchers have discovered statistical abnormalities in the Seven Countries Study which make the results inaccurate.  But, while past and current studies continue to demonstrate information supporting a diet rich in saturated fats, this information is not covered as frequently in the mainstream media, nor are they used in recommendations you get from your medical doctor.

It’s important you do your own research into how and why healthy saturated fats are important to your brain and overall health before you embrace a lifestyle of eating that may leave you more satisfied, leaner and healthier.




Daily Health Tip

Your body requires healthy saturated fats from grass fed, organic sources for both strong brain health and to build strong cell membranes.


Making Changes

Your first change must be to do your research in order that you are both comfortable and confident in the decisions you make about your health and nutrition.

Your next change is to understand what constitutes a healthy fat. Transfatty acids, found in baked goods and processed foods, are the fats responsible for plaque formation and rising cholesterol levels.

Healthy fats are found in fruits, like avocado, pasture-fed meats, pastured dairy products and virgin coconut oils.


Daily Affirmation

I realize that losing access to one solution requires my creativity in finding another.

Today, I enjoy looking around and drawing inspiration from what I see. My eyes are open to many possibilities because of how I see others live.


Fact or Fiction?

Your Skin

It’s health week at Healthy Life America and Daily Dose America. Today, we’re sharing some fun facts about your skin, or integumentary system.

1. Your skin is the largest organ in your body; it can absorb nutrients from the environment.

2. Then entire integumentary system consists of your skin, hair and nails, designed to protect the rest of your body.

3. Every month your body produces another layer of skin.

4. You shed 40 pounds of skin over your lifetime.

5. You LOSE 30,000 to 40,000 dead skin cells every minute.

6. Your hair grows 1 cm a month and your nails 0.5 mm per week.

7. Your skin is also known as your “birthday suit.”

Have a wonderful day!

Your Healthy Life America Team


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