Your Doctor and Low Back Pain

FriMarch16CI.jpgIN YOUR DAILY DOSE: today is research and reports from the University of Sydney demonstrating what you get at the doctor’s office for low back pain may not be what you expect.

MAKING CHANGES: There are a number of changes you can make to your lifestyle that both reduce your potential risk of low back pain and increase the potential you’ll reduce your pain for a lifetime.

FACT OR FICTION: Once the mistake by the lake, this city . . .


In The News

In the wake of an international opioid (narcotic painkiller) and heroin epidemic, pharmaceutical companies and doctors are finally putting on the brakes. International guidelines for physicians now call for doctors to explore many more options to alleviate your pain before prescribing pain medication.


Pain pills do nothing more than mask the symptoms without making changes to your future - except of course to potentially ruin your future. More people die each year from pain killers and the heroin they become addicted to after the prescriptions for opioid pain-killers run out than the number who die in car crashes. This is a phenomenal statistic that speaks volumes about the reckless way in which these drugs have been prescribed in past years.




Daily Health Tip

Pain pills don’t change the functional changes to your body that cause the pain in the first place. It’s time to address the foundational medical or physical reason for pain and stop relying on popping pills for an answer.


Making Changes

Without having a full understanding of your individual situation, it is impossible to make a recommendation. However, there are several recommendations that should get you started.


  1. Maintain a normal weight that reduces stress on your knees, hips and lower back.
  2. Become flexible to help improve your posture - yoga, stretching, pilates.
  3. See a highly recommended chiropractor who can walk you through changes to your posture, way you walk and the way you sleep to improve your muscle function.
  4. Stay well hydrated, every day.
  5. Eat a well balanced diet, low in carbohydrates to reduce inflammation in your body.FriMarch16.jpg

    Daily Affirmation

    I focus on opportunities to serve others. Being generous builds my confidence and vitality.
    Today, I attract positive energy. I am a magnet for good vibes.
    Self-Reflection Questions:
    1. Why is positive energy contagious?
    2. What are three things that fire me up?
    3. What is the relationship between stress and positive energy?

    Fact or Fiction?

    Once known as the “Mistake by the Lake,” Cleveland is the largest city in OH and one of the leading industrial centers of the U.S. In 1831 a newspaper printer misspelled the name of the founder - Cleaveland - to Cleveland, and the name stuck. Although some believe the nickname was coined because of the misspelled name, most others believe it’s because of the high air pollution counts in the area related to their high industrial pollution.

    Have a wonderful day!

    Your Healthy Life America Team


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