Your Migraine Really Is Worse After Menopause



IN YOUR DAILY DOSE today you’ll learn that studies have confirmed what women have known for years . . . your migraines will get worse as you go through menopause.

IN MAKING CHANGES today you’ll discover that while you can’t stop the progression of menopause, there are a few things to help reduce your frequency and intensity of migraine headaches.

IN FACT OR FICTION you’ll discover just a little bit more about Saturn, the farthest planet you can see from the earth with your naked eyes.

In The News

According to Science Daily, "Women have been telling doctors that their migraine headaches worsen around menopause and now we have proof they were right," says Vincent Martin, MD, professor of internal medicine in UC's Division of General Internal Medicine and co-director of the Headache and Facial Pain Program at the UC Neuroscience Institute.”

In their study researchers found that migraine headaches occurring more than 10 days per month increased more than 60 percent in women who reached menopause. Researchers postulated that the changes in hormonal levels may trigger more migraines. The increase in frequency may also be triggered by an overuse in medication that can also occur during this time in a woman’s life.

On average, 12 percent of the population experiences migraine headaches, with women suffering 3 times more than men. For women suffering from migraines during menopause there is some relief. If you are still having periods you can take birth control pills to level out your hormone levels. If you no longer have periods you and your physician can consider using estrogen patches.




Daily Health Tip

While researchers recommend considering estrogen patches for migraines, you must weigh the risks associated with taking estrogen against migraine control.  Increasing your estrogen with pharmaceutical drugs can increase your risk of breast cancer and heart attack, as well as vaginal discharge, swollen breasts, nausea and increased number of headaches.



Making Changes

Before considering estrogen, consider other options you have to reduce your migraine frequency and intensity. Estrogen should be your last consideration.

1. Make changes to improve your overall health, such as getting 8 hours of restorative sleep, staying hydrated, eating a well-balanced diet low in carbohydrates, reducing your insulin spikes and getting enough exercise each day. These strategies will help your body to balance your hormones naturally. Although it may feel like you aren’t doing enough, just taking a pill is not the answer.

2. Consider using an adaptogen, such as Maca Root or Black cohosh. These roots help your body to balance hormonal levels and reduce your menopausal symptoms.  

3. Steer clear of substances that trigger your menopausal symptoms, such as chocolate, coffee, caffeine, smoking and alcohol.



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Fact Or Fiction?

Saturn is the 6th planet from the sun but is large enough that you can see it with your naked eye. Click here to learn more about this amazing planet.

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