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Get ready for the fall 2023 launch of our Healthy Life Challenge that will include 33 non-profit organizations and 16 companies from 4 counties in Florida. This launch includes 4 cities in Florida (Orlando, Kissimmee, Daytona, Clermont) and will expand into 20 additional cities in Florida and other areas in the United States in 2024.  Sign up for more details on how you can implement one of our programs at your workplace, school, church or organization.  Once you register in the site you can connect with one of 50 city group organizers who are organizing events starting the fall of 2023.  These events range from our Healthy Life Challenges to our full suite of Lifestyle Benefit programs offered through our Lifestyle Benefits Network that powers Healthy Life America programs. 

We are looking for healthcare professionals and coaches to partner with to launch our programs across Florida.  If you are interested in becoming part of a network of healthylife partners, please complete the contact us form and we will send you information.  

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