Who Does the Chores at Your House?

ThursApril13CI.jpg  IN YOUR DAILY DOSE: today is a study identifying one of the major factors you can     use to predict whether you and your spouse do or will argue over the division of chores   in your home.

  MAKING CHANGES: Although you may not be able to change this factor, there are       ways to get what you want without damaging your relationship.

  FACT OR FICTION: Did you fly this summer? Here are a few facts about those planes   you see overhead.


In The News

The American Sociological Association published a study in which they studied the difference in assigning housekeeping chores in heterosexual couples. Women in heterosexual relationships were also expected to deal with the majority of childcare.

In the survey, 82 percent of the respondents thought the female partner should be responsible for the physical needs and 72 percent thought that the woman should care for the emotional needs and 62 percent thought the woman should be a stay-at-home parent.

In the survey, the man was assigned only one task in caring for their children and 55 percent of those who responded felt the man should be in charge of the discipline.

While many of the respondents felt the chores should fall along gender roles, there is room for change in your home.

SOURCE: https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2016/08/160821093100.htm

Daily Health Tip

Relationships are sometimes difficult to understand and even more challenging to maintain.  However, those in a relationship often live longer and express greater happiness and satisfaction in their lives.

Making Changes

Your spouse may not do the chores you want them to or you may feel that you have to nag them to do the ones they agreed to in the first place. And, while getting things done at home is incredibly important to the smooth function of your family, in the end it is the relationship that matters most and not the things that get picked up and put away.

On the other hand, a spouse or child who doesn’t follow through on what was agreed can make life frustrating and incredibly irritating.  Your first step is to come to an agreement about what each of you should and should not be responsible for in your family. Once finalized, expect that it won’t be an easy road to change for either of you.

You may have been used to doing the dishes each night and find it’s easier to just do them instead of leaving them for your spouse to do.  Or you may be the one who normally cooks the meals each night and would rather eat a hot meal than wait for your spouse to get the meal on the table.

Change is difficult and a challenge for both of you. Remember that your spouse may not value the need for a hot meal, or a clean kitchen or food in the fridge the way that you do. The important thing is to talk about how these things are important to you and how they will honor you by attending to the chores they agreed to.

Don’t berate, aggravate, irritate or nag anyone to get something completed. You know from your own experiences, the more someone nags you, the less likely you are to get it done yourself. If you and your spouse can’t come to an agreement together, it may be time to seek outside help.



Daily Affirmation

That approach helps others to move on past the negative feedback. The ideas for bouncing back provide them with enough resolve to stay afloat. I offer my assistance to others whose direction changes because of the information I provide.

Today, I realize that considering the feelings of others helps to soften blows. I rely on tactful delivery when sharing disappointing news. I know that being thoughtful even in unfortunate situations goes a far way for others.

Fact or Fiction?

Man has been fascinated with flight for as long as recorded history. You may have even had dreams about being able to fly, much like Superman. These small wonders were first launched successfully by the Wright brothers in Dayton OH. They are fixed wing crafts powered by engines, which overcome wind drag and lift the planes into the air. Some planes are capable of supersonic flight - breaking the sound barrier - but mostly military or experimental. The Concorde is the most famous commercial plane capable of supersonic flight. It was decommissioned in 2003 for safety issues.


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