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You might have guessed that eating on the go during the day leads to weight gain. And, you would be right.

In a study from the University of Surrey, researchers found that people who ate “on the go” had a greater tendency to eat more calories during the evening than others. This leads to weight gain and obesity. Interestingly, they also found that eating while walking around lead to eating more calories than those who ate while watching television or eating with a friend.

The study was published in the Journal of Health Psychology looked at how people ate in the early part of the day as compared to the amount they ate later in the day. They theorize that walking may disrupt our ability to process the impact that eating has on our hunger or that walking justifies eating more later as a form of reward.



Daily Health Tip

Eating at the table with your family not only reduces the number of calories you may consume, but it also helps to form stronger bonds with your children, spouse and relatives. In most cultures, celebrations and grieving is experienced around food, bonding the group together. The same thing happens daily when we eat together as a family and discuss what happened during our day.

Although it can be uncomfortable for some people who are used to eating around the television, or alone in their rooms. Food and mealtime is a social event that should be enjoyed and experienced as a family.


Making Changes

At first family members may balk at eating together, but it you make the change one meal at a time, one day at a time, it won’t be long before you are all eating together each night.  Start with Monday evening dinner each Monday for a month or two and graduate it to every Monday and Wednesday; then every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Add in additional evenings and before long they will be looking forward to connecting with you each night.

Do you live alone?  Make an effort to have dinner with a friend or relative once a week or every other week.  We all lead busy lives but you can probably make time twice a month to have an evening meal with a friend or relative. Eat at the table every night at home, even though you may be alone. It’s a mindset that will serve you well!

Have a wonderful day!

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