New Treatments for Stroke

FriApr1MedicineCI.jpgIN YOUR DAILY DOSE today is research from the New England Journal of Medicine about new treatments for type-2 diabetes to prevent secondary stroke and heart attacks.

IN MAKING CHANGES are strategies to prevent cardiovascular disease without medication.

IN FACT OR FICTION you’ll discover that taking one to two tablespoons of this each day can help regulate your blood sugar, reduce the inflammatory response in your body and can be found on your grocery store shelves.


In The News

Research published recently in the New England Journal of Medicine found that a medication now used to treat type-2 diabetes is a powerful tool to prevent secondary stroke and heart attack in individuals.

In the study, participants who used the medication pioglitazone, a drug in the thiazolidinediones class was shown to help reduce insulin resistance in individuals with type-2 diabetes. In previous studies drugs in this class had shown some potential problems with side effects. In this five-year, double-blind trial the team found that patients receiving the drug had 24 percent fewer incidents of heart attack or stroke.

Lead author quoted in Science Daily, says, "It's a very positive result. We see pre-diabetes all the time in many of these patients, and before, the prevention strategy would not have been any different. And this medication, in addition to preventing stroke, is also preventing diabetes."




Daily Health Tip

Cardiovascular disease kills more people each year than any other illness or disease. Although this discovery of a medication to help prevent further heart attacks or strokes is wonderful, it is easier to prevent the changes in your body that cause cardiovascular disease in the first place, than it is to try to prevent a secondary event.



Making Changes

Strategies you can use to reduce your potential for experiencing cardiovascular disease include:

1. Maintain a normal weight.

2. Getting enough sleep each night.

3. Drinking enough water to stay hydrated.

4. Reduce or completely eliminate white sugar from your diet. THIS is the trigger for inflammation and cardiovascular disease.

5. Reduce carbohydrates to less than 100 grams per day. These metabolize into sugar in your body.

6. Get at least 35 grams of fiber per day.

7. Reduce the amount of fructose, from products and fruit, to 25 grams or less.



My Daily Affirmation

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. In what ways can I improve the quality of my life?

2. What strategies do I use to ensure that I handle stressful situations well?

3. What are some of my daily blessings that I take for granted?


Fact Or Fiction?

Taking one to two tablespoons of this each day can help regulate your blood sugar, reduce the inflammatory response in your body and can be found on your grocery store shelves. 

You might be surprised to learn that apple cider vinegar has an amazing number of health benefits.  It is packed with vitamins and minerals, helps reduce your appetite, reduces the pain of arthritis, balances your blood sugar, helps reduce cholesterol and helps support your metabolism. The best apple cider vinegar is made with organic apples and has had minimal processing. Consider taking a tablespoon before lunch and dinner.


Have a wonderful day!
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