The Ten Percent Rule

TueAp19RuleCI.jpgIn Your Daily Dose today we’re going to give you some tools to show you how finances grow when they are saved. But saving doesn’t mean using the spare mattress for holding it! It’s important that over the years your money goes to work for you instead of you working for you money.

In Your Daily Health Tip are 3 strategies you can use today to help your savings grow.

In Fact or Fiction you’ll learn why banana flavoring just can’t cut the mustard.


In The News

Saving money now and for retirement is a topic of conversation that people either relish or avoid. The problem is that no matter how much you enjoy talking about saving money, saving money or avoiding the topic altogether – the reality is the same. At some point in life you will either want to retire or your will be forced to stop doing the work you are currently doing because you’re not physically capable of continuing.

At this point in life it would be good to know that you have enough money saved to cover your daily expenses without stress or worry. But, most people can’t say that. Most of us will bury our heads in the sand and hope that the IRA at work and Social Security checks will be enough to carry us through until we are buried.

Fortunately there is a better and much easier way.


Daily Health Tip

1. Start saving now. The earlier you start putting money away for retirement, the more your money will work for you.  Think about it this way – the money you work to earn today can start to earn interest tomorrow when you invest it wisely. Consult with people who have been investing and doing it successfully. Learn what you can and choose an investment that fits your lifestyle.  Start with a simple money market account that is managed and grow from there. If you invested 400.00 20 years ago at 10% interest you’d have 2650.00 in that account today – without adding any more money.


2. Manage the money you have today. You might think you don’t have any money to save today, but it’s important to get in the habit of saving and investing.  If you can manage only $1.00 each month, then put it in a savings account and work to increase the amount you save each month.


3. Use an investment calculator to fuel your motivation and your desire to improve your retirement outlook. Dave Ramsey has a simple calculator you can use. Add the amount of money to start, how much you’ll add each month, how many years you have and the average interest your anticipate getting.  It’s fun!



Making Changes

Every small change you make today will have big consequences in the future. Take that initial 400.00 investment you might have made when you were 20 years old. Without adding anything it can grow to 18,000.00 by the time you’re 60.

Small changes, big results!




My Daily Affirmation

Admittedly, some conversations are difficult. It is challenging to reprimand people, especially when they are doing their best. But when it is my responsibility to correct someone, I start the discussion with a smile.

When I release that beam, it signals that my expressions are coming from a sincere place. Breaking down that barrier allows communication to be more effective.


Fact Or Fiction?

It’s Pink!

The Chicago River is Green, the ocean blue but Lake Hillier in Australia is pink!  It’s a saline lake (lakes are normally fresh water) on the edge of Middle Island, off the coast of Australia. Interestingly, scientist still don’t know why the water is pink.


Have a wonderful day!

Your Healthy Life America Team

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