Tylenol Taken During Pregnancy and Childhood Asthma Now Linked

FriFeb10CI_(1).jpgIN YOUR DAILY DOSE today is research that links the development of asthma in children when their mother took acetaminophen during pregnancy.

IN MAKING CHANGES today are strategies pregnant women can use to reduce pain and discomfort without resorting to taking medication. These same strategies can be used by women who are not pregnant and men.

IN FACT OR FICTION you’ll discover some of the fun facts about basketball you can share with your friends.

In The News

Research found new evidence published in the International Journal of Epidemiology that links paracetamol (acetaminophen, APAP or Tylenol) during pregnancy with asthma in the child as they grow.  This is the most common painkiller used in pregnant women and infants.

According to Science Daily, “The results showed that 5.7 per cent of the children had current asthma at age three, and 5.1 per cent had asthma at age seven. The research found a consistent link between children having asthma at age three and having been exposed to paracetamol during pregnancy. The strongest association was seen if the mother used paracetamol during pregnancy for more than one complaint with a child having asthma at three years old.”

This study is the largest of it’s kind, cementing previous studies findings. However, the authors stress that although they demonstrated a link between women who took Tylenol two or more times during pregnancy with children who developed asthma by age 3, this is not a reason to stop recommending Tylenol to pregnant women.

SOURCE: http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2016/02/160209221203.htm 

Daily Health Tip

Any medications, herbs, foods or activities that a pregnant woman takes, eats or participates in has a direct effect on her baby. Scientists have determined there are several medications that can be safely taken during pregnancy and until this research was published, Tylenol was one of them. Although it doesn’t create a problem for the infant before the birth or during the birth, research is now finding that some medications are having an effect on the life of the child long after the medication was used.

Making Changes

Pain and discomfort is part of any pregnancy. Although popping a pill to help the discomfort may be the easiest thing to do at the moment, you must also consider the repercussions years down the road. Asthma is a condition that will impact you and your child’s quality of life. You may be forced to visit the emergency room often. Your child will often take medications and you may have to make changes to your home to reduce the factors that trigger your child’s asthma attacks.

During pregnancy you should expect some discomfort and realize you have to live with it. Try changing positions, using a warm or cold cloth for headaches, ice sports injuries and include rest every day. The more rested your body, the better able you’ll be to work through pain or discomfort.

If you are experiencing pain that you believe requires pain medication then it may be time to talk with your doctor to be sure that you and your baby are healthy and growing well.


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