Walnuts are Incredibly Powerful for Your Health

FriMar10CI.jpgIN YOUR DAILY DOSE: Researchers have linked walnuts with colon cancer, in a good way. Walnuts are high in fiber and Omega 3 fatty acids - the good kind. Here’s what researchers found will make a difference in your health.

MAKING CHANGES: This is one change that should be easy to make. Walnuts taste good and are good for you.

FACT OR FICTION: In the fall months you probably see flocks of ducks migrating south for the winter - unless you live in the south! Here are some fascinating facts about ducks.


In The News

New research from the University of Connecticut has linked a diet rich in walnuts to lower risk of colon cancer. Based on animal models, eating 1 ounce of walnuts per day may reduce colon tumor development.

Walnuts also act as a potent probiotic, also packed with omega 3 fatty acids and vitamin E. Researchers don’t believe that walnuts are merely a sum of their parts, but rather a unique combination of nutrients that also impact heart disease, diabetes and neurological disorders.

Daily Health Tip

Taking care of your gut will take care of your immune and neurological systems as well. The good bacteria living in your intestines must be fed and cared for to reduce the number of bad bacteria and to protect the walls of your intestines. It is an intricate balance that you control with the foods you eat and the medications you ingest.

Making Changes

Walnuts are a healthy snack you can incorporate into your afternoons, put into salads, and add to healthy trail mix or homemade granola bars. Look for non-GMO walnuts with minimal processing. Nuts that have sugar or flavor coatings are not the healthy alternatives you are seeking.


Daily Affirmation

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Fact or Fiction?

They are everywhere and are seen migrating across the sky in the fall. But, did you know:

1. Their feet have no nerves of blood vessels so they don’t feel the cold and enables them to swim in icy water.

2.  A duck’s quack doesn’t echo!

3. There are about 40 different breeds of domesticated ducks.

4. A Red-Breasted Merganser duck was once clocked flying just over 100 miles per hour being chased by a plane!

5. A jet plane over Nevada once hit a duck at 21,000 feet! This is currently the highest recorded flight of any duck.

6. They live anywhere between 2 and 12 years.

7. Some ducks can fly up to 330 miles in a single day.

Have a wonderful day!

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