Yoga in Your Chair - Fix It!

FriMay3CI.jpgIN YOUR DAILY DOSE: you’ll learn that yoga is an effective method of exercise, but may be difficult if you suffer from osteoarthritis. Don’t despair - this an alternative!

MAKING CHANGES: Taking one of these classes may help you improve flexibility, strength and movement - all improving your health and ability to get around every day.

FACT OR FICTION: Did you know why yawning is triggered?


In The News

There are millions of people suffering from osteoarthritis and limited function in their lower extremities - including hips, knees and ankles. In the first study of its kind, researchers have demonstrated that doing yoga moves with the aid of a chair may increase strength, flexibility and function.

Regular exercise helps to improve function in those suffering from osteoarthritis as it improves strength and balance. However, with advancing age, the types of exercise may have to be modified in order to accommodate current function.

Lack of strength and loss of balance reduces the ability of some to participate in exercise. This study demonstrated using a chair while participating in yoga classes increased strength and balance, improving the ability to do daily tasks.


Daily Health Tip

Yoga is a beneficial addition to any exercise program as it improves strength, balance and flexibility - all functions necessary to make daily living tasks easier.

Making Changes

Exercise reduces stress, helps you sleep, improves cardiac function and burns calories. Yoga improves flexibility, reduces depression and the benefits already mentioned. It’s a relatively easy practice to start in either a beginner yoga class or using DVDs.

Start slowly and stay consistent - you WILL experience the results!


Daily Affirmation

Today, I am free. Free to go after my dreams. Free from the illusion that tries to make me afraid. And free to create the life I desire.
Self-Reflection Questions:
1. How can I recognize fear before it takes control of my mind?
2. How can I help my friends eliminate fear and pursue their dreams?
3. What can I do to stop the fear of failure and achieve my goals?

Fact or Fiction?

Did you know why yawning is triggered?

When you become more tired or aren’t active your brain receives just a little less oxygen. By taking a deep breath, filling your lungs and yawning you actually will wake up more because you’re sending more oxygen to your brain. Of course, if you really are exhausted no amount of yawning will wake you up! This only works when you’ve been shallow breathing and sitting for a long period of time.


Have a wonderful day!

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