Younger Women at Greater Risk Than Older Men

MondayOct10.jpgIN YOUR DAILY DOSE: today is research that demonstrates younger women may experience reduced blood flow to their heart with increased stress than do older men.

MAKING CHANGES: Stress reduction is an important way of improving weight loss, improving sleep quality and now to improve your heart health.

FACT OR FICTION: Acid rain is the result of air pollution, which, believe it or not, is worse indoors than it is outdoors.

In The News

According to  new research published in the Journal of the American Heart Association demonstrates that younger women may be more susceptible to myocardial ischemia, or reduced blood flow to the heart, with mental stress than older people.

Viola Vaccarino, M.D., Ph.D., lead study author, professor and chair of the department of epidemiology at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia was quoted in Science Daily:

"Younger women tend to have quite a lot of stress in their lives. Many of them have full-time jobs and at the same time have numerous responsibilities at home; financial hardship, as well as depression and anxiety which are common in this group. Clinicians should ask about stress and emotional difficulties in these patients and recommend ways to help, such as finding time to relax and exercise."



Daily Health Tip

Stress is a health issue that impacts your ability to lose weight, get quality sleep and make wise choices. Stress increases cortisol levels, which in turn increases your inflammatory response and your risk of disease and illness. Although stress is an important means of fleeing danger, chronic stress is not adaptive.


Making Changes

Stress reduction is a challenge for many people. The truth of the matter is that you must actively look for something that helps YOU to reduce your stress levels. Here are some strategies that may offer you success:

1. Emotional Freedom Techniques is a way of using acupressure to address stress. It is a quick and easy method you can use at home or in public. The techniques are easy to learn and don’t require any other teacher than a video. Here’s one to help you get started:

2 Yoga

3. Nightly Stretching

4. Daily Exercise

5. Meditation

6. Prayer and a relationship with God

7. Friends and friendships; research demonstrates those with a wide network of friends experience less stress

8. Laughter - watch a great comedy

9. Dancing and music

10. Practice gratefulness


Daily Affirmation


I break unpopular news to others with consideration and tact.
Sharing unpopular news with others is sometimes difficult, but I exercise tact. I know that softening a message often makes it easier to accept.


Fact or Fiction?


Acid from the Sky

Acid rain is the result of air pollution, which, believe it or not, is worse indoors than it is outdoors. Imagine how bad the environment would be if outdoor air pollution was a dense as the indoor pollution. Acid rain carries pollution over great distances and has resulted in deforestation as trees are dying and poisoning of lakes, rivers and the fish that live there. Acid rain also erodes your buildings and outdoor equipment faster than normal. Discover the small steps you can do to contribute to reducing the air pollution causing acid rain here.


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