Your Brain Stands What You Eat

WedJan16CI.jpgIN YOUR DAILY DOSE: today from the University of Illinois researchers found a link between specific foods you’re eating daily and your cognitive abilities.

MAKING CHANGES: Adding a few items to your diet may make significant changes to your thinking abilities.

FACT OR FICTION: There is one country where there are more large animals of one species than there are people.


In The News

In the past researchers have linked what you eat to your cognitive performance or how well you think. In this new study, researchers from the University of Illinois found monounsaturated fats are linked to your general intelligence. These fats are found in olive oils, nuts and avocados. This relationship is driven by a correlation between the fatty acids and the organization of your brain.

Lead study author, Aron Barbey, professor of psychology, commented in Science Daily:

"Our goal is to understand how nutrition might be used to support cognitive performance and to study the ways in which nutrition may influence the functional organization of the human brain. This is important because if we want to develop nutritional interventions that are effective at enhancing cognitive performance, we need to understand the ways that these nutrients influence brain function."


Daily Health Tip

Healthy fats feed your brain - so you really think what you eat.

Making Changes

It’s simple to add avocados to your salad, olive oil to your uncooked food and a handful of nuts a day to increase your monounsaturated fats.


Daily Affirmation

I learn from experience and adapt to changing circumstances. I prepare for the future while I take care of daily operations.
Planning enhances my financial security. I manage my monthly budget. I save for major milestones like buying a home and sending my children to college.

Fact or Fiction?

There is one country where there are more large animals of one species than there are people.

Australia is a beautiful country, populated by more kangaroos than people. Lake Hillier is pink in color and no one understands why. It’s an amazing site from the air. Melbourne is a cosmopolitan city that was once called Batmania!  In 1859 24 rabbits were introduced to a country that didn’t have rabbits. Today there are over 2 million roaming the countryside. One of their exports are camels which they send to Saudi Arabia.


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