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IN YOUR DAILY DOSE today you’ll discover that people who suffer from depression may have too much of a factor in their brain that affects their mood. This provides more evidence that clinical depression is a physical and not emotional disorder and will provide clues to improved methods of treatment.

IN MAKING CHANGES you’ll discover easy ways to improve your overall mood. This does NOT treat depression, but will improve your outlook on life.

IN FACT OR FICTION you’ll find out that your cat has an interesting range of vocal sounds.

In The News

Researchers from the University of Michigan Health System have found that people who suffer from clinical depression have 32 percent more of fibroblast growth factor 9 than people who do not suffer from depression. Researchers also found that by artificially raising the levels of fibroblast growth factor 9 in rats they would also exhibit signs of major depressive episodes.

These two factors point to the fact that major depression is a physical illness and not an emotional problem. Major depression is different from sadness or situational sadness or grief. Major depression can lead to an inability to function during the day, significant weight gain or loss and withdrawal from social situations.

This research will help scientists to develop medications that target fibroblast growth factor 9 and improve the outcomes and treatments for people who suffer from depression. Because medications which block the production of something in the body often have less side effects than medications which trigger production of something, this class of antidepressants may hold more promise.



Daily Health Tip

Depression is a significant disorder which can affect your physical, emotional and relational health. Your friends and family will also suffer with you and major depression significantly increases your risk of suicidal ideation.

If you feel you are suffering from depression or deep sadness which you can’t get out of, please see your doctor or therapist. If you are not satisfied with the results of the office visit, please do not stop after seeing just one doctor. Physicians and therapists are human too and sometimes have a bad day or are not as skilled in the diagnosis and treatment of mental health issues.

Your mental health is important to your quality of life.


Making Changes

There are lifestyle choices you can make that will affect your mood, when it is not a function of a physical problem in your brain.  Make these changes and you’ll notice a real difference in the way you approach your day.

1. Get 8 hours of sleep a night. When exhausted, your brain does not function as well. You will have more problems with focus and with the ability to think through problems. In fact, when tired, your brain functions as if you have been drinking alcohol with reduced reaction time and processing speed. 

2. Get 20 to 30 minutes of sunshine each day. Sun is a great way for your body to manufacture vitamin D, but it also affects your brain and your mood. If you can’t get outside, use a light bulb in the house designed for people with seasonal affective disorder. All of us benefit by being in the sun!

3. Exercise every day. Whether you are walking after lunch and dinner or working out for an hour at the gym, get some exercise. Your digestive system works better, your arteries will be healthier and your mood better too.

4. Drink enough water to stay hydrated. Your urine should be light straw color. If it’s darker then you aren’t drinking enough and if it’s lighter you are drinking too much.

5. Find what works best for your stress reduction. Some people practice yoga, others just exercise and others find that prayer helps to relieve their stress of everyday living. However you choose to manage stress, it’s important that YOU manage stress and not that the stress in your life manages you.


My Daily Affirmation

My organization skills help me stick to my budget. I keep my receipts in order to avoid challenges at the end of the year. I file copies of my bills to make reports easier.

I know the status of my financial health because I am organized.


Fact Or Fiction?

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